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Tips for travelling in Australia

Thursday 09 November 2017

Tips for travelling in Australia

Australia is a country that lots of people have on their travel wish list for many different reasons, but what is the best way to tackle such a large place which boasts so many great areas to visit?

We have put together some tips for travelling in Australia which we hope will help you to plan your trip, or inspire you to book one!

Stay with locals

When choosing your accommodation, opt for private places rather than hotels and hostels so you can experience living like a local, and getting plenty of advice from them too!

Loads of people across Australia rent out rooms in their homes for travellers, and although you may have your heart set on meeting other backpackers through staying in hostels, there is a lot to learn from spending time with those who live in the location that you have arrived at.

Avoid flying

The best way to get the most out of your trip to Australia is to spend as much of it on the ground as possible as you move from place to place – you just never know what you might find along the way that you would have missed.

Buses offer a budget way to travel as you can buy passes to cover many of your journeys. Alternatively, if you are travelling with a group or have found others who you have decided to stick with you could look at renting a car and splitting the costs between you.

Stay safe

Often when we are on holiday we feel more relaxed than at home and therefore may take more risks without really thinking about the consequences.

When travelling in Australia, always have your safety at the forefront of your mind, whether this is things like not walking in unlit areas at night, remembering to put on your sun cream, or staying hydrated throughout hot days, it all helps to ensure that your trip is only full of positive experiences.

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