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Three awesome adventure holiday ideas

Friday 29 September 2017

Three awesome adventure holiday ideas

Whether you like to travel solo, as a couple, or with your family, an adventure holiday offers the perfect opportunity to try something new and see some amazing places at the same time.

With plenty of places to visit where adventures can be had, you may be struggling to decide where to go on your next holiday.

We have put together three awesome adventure holiday ideas which we hope will help you to find the break that is best for you.


Animal adventures

If you are an animal lover, the thought of spending a holiday among a variety of different creatures is probably high on your list.

In this case, a safari is the ideal adventure holiday for you, as it offers the chance to get up close to a whole variety of animals, to learn all about them and the conservation efforts that are going on, and to try out numerous activities too.


Temple tours

There are lots of different countries which are full of stunning temples just waiting to be explored, and an adventure holiday is the perfect time to have a wander around them.

Time spent looking around temples not only includes admiring beautiful architecture and design, but also gives you the chance to learn about the culture and traditions of the country that you have decided to visit.


Mountain treks

Not for the faint hearted, an adventure holiday which involves mountain treks may require a bit of training beforehand, but it will be totally worth it when you experience the stunning views that this type of adventure holiday has to offer.

Most mountain trek holidays offer a variety of routes so you can choose one which matches your skill level, as it is important that you enjoy your trek and don’t spend the whole time struggling or feeling uncomfortable!


With so many different adventures around the world to choose from, it is about time that you added some amazing adventures to your holiday wish list. If you need some more inspiration, take a look at our great range of free adventure holiday brochures which we will deliver directly to your door.