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Reasons to visit Turkey

Friday 19 January 2018

Reasons to visit Turkey

Following a dip in tourism over the past few years, Turkey has seen rising interest recently as more people are considering it for their next holiday destination, and with these reasons to visit Turkey is it not difficult to see why.


Gorgeous beaches

Turkey boasts the turquoise coast which has been tipped as one of the top holiday destinations for this year due to its stunning mountainous scenery, delightful fishing villages, and chic resorts. A 300 mile loop of coastline between Marmaris and Antalya, this is one stretch of coastline that is not to be missed.


Diverse landscapes

As well as featuring great beaches, Turkey offers diverse landscapes which come with a range of activities that visitors can enjoy including skiing or hiking in the mountains, water sports and yachting out at sea, hot air ballooning to view the scenery from above, and cycling around to explore different areas.


Great hospitality

Turkey offers a modern but traditional way of life which means that it is a destination that offers both comfort and a different culture to what we have in the UK, and the people who live there are genuine, generous and very welcoming so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy their way of life while you travel.


Fantastic food

Turkish food is very varied and differs depending on which region you are visiting, but you are likely to be able to find delicious kebabs, sweet baklava, fabulous seafood and vegetable dishes, plus brightly coloured outdoor markets and bazaars where you can pick up fresh produce and spices for your own cooking.


Incredible buildings

If you love to spend your holidays exploring stunning building then you will be in awe of the palaces, mosques and interesting ruins that Turkey has to offer. A country rich in great archaeology and fascinating history, the museums in Turkey are also worth a visit if you are interested in learning more about the country itself.


With all of these great reasons to visit Turkey it is surely a destination that you can consider for this year’s holiday, and you can take a look at our brochure selection for further inspiration.


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