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Three things to do in India

Friday 09 February 2018

Three things to do in India

A diverse country which combines mountains, hills, caves and deserts, India offers plenty to see and do for all who travel there, and has a fabulous culture to enjoy too.

Here are three things to do in India which you must add to your list when you decide to visit this unique destination.


Explore the temples

There are many religions which are celebrated in India and those who live there take their religion very seriously, so there are temples of all shapes and sizes almost everywhere that you look including taking the spotlight in cities and carved into mountains!

A couple of popular temples to consider visiting are the Golden Temple in Amritsar which boasts stunning architecture and a gold plated interior, and the Tirumala Venkateswara temple in Tirupati which is the most visited temple in the world with around 40 million visitors each year.


Take the train

Although the trains in India may not be portrayed as being particularly comfortable in films, they actually offer a very safe and vibrant way to travel, plus the best way to see India is by travelling along its famous train lines.

Depending on which route you take you will be able to see forts and old cities, tea and coffee plantations, and amazing views of the Himalayas. The Grand Truck Express from New Delhi to Chennai is a journey not to be missed as at 2186km long it is one of the largest lines in India.


Go on a camel safari

A camel safari through the Rajasthan desert is the perfect way to discover desert villages and learn about desert life from those who live there. It also offers the opportunity to sleep under the stars and to visit Jaisalmer which houses the oldest inhabited fort in the world.

Although booking a cheaper camel safari might seem like a good option for your budget, spending a little more will ensure that you get more comfortable bedding and better food, so always book through a reputable company.


These are just three of the fantastic things you can do in India, and there is so much more to explore which guarantees it will be the holiday of a lifetime.