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Overcoming the holiday minefield

Friday 24 February 2017

Overcoming the holiday minefield

My girlfriend and I debated long and hard over where to go on holiday last year. She wanted somewhere not too hot and with plenty to see and do, whereas I wanted a nice beach or a pool to spend some lazy days in the sun. After overcoming the initial minefield (we could have easily thrown a dart in a map and gone anywhere!), we decided upon Crete, which delivered on all accounts.

We flew out at the end of September last year when the summer heat was beginning to die away. It was warm enough to still catch some rays, but also pleasant enough to walk around during the day soaking in the local culture and tourist attractions.

We stayed in a hotel called Stella Palace in a little village called Analipsi. I would highly recommend the hotel and the location. Analipsi is a quaint little place with good travel links to the west and the east of the island and plenty of lovely tavernas and restaurants.

One of our first ventures out of the hotel was to the capital Heraklion, which is steeped in history and is an ideal place to visit for those who like to learn more about the places they go on holiday. We undertook a walking tour of the city, which included a trip to the Venetian fortress, Rocca al Mare. This fortress is definitely a must visit if you head into the city.

We also took an excursion booked through the hotel to the Bronze Age palace of Knossos. This amazing archaeological site is considered Europe’s oldest city and is simply a marvel to walk around.

The coastal town of Malia was also on our day trip list. This town is perfectly split in two by a road. On one side are the clubs, pubs, restaurants and golden sands and on the other is the old town, with its traditional buildings and stunning architecture.

All in all Crete delivered on our expectations and we would happily go back again.