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Lucy's Honeymoon in Mexico

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Lucy's Honeymoon in Mexico

2015 was a pretty busy year for me! I had my fantastic hen do in Marbella; I got married in September and then 2 days after I jetted off with my new husband on our honeymoon.

We started off with 3 nights in Las Vegas, it was an awesome place but after that we definitely needed somewhere to relax. We flew to Mexico via Dallas which was only a 5 hour flight in total so not too bad! We stayed in Riviera Maya which wasn’t far from Cancun.

We arrived in the evening and were greeted in the reception with champagne and a cold towel which was needed, and then were checked into our lovely room which was decorated especially for our honeymoon. It was pretty late so we done some exploring and  then went to bed, feeling refreshed for the morning to start our holiday.  The pictures you see online do not lie about Mexico, the beaches really are beautiful and have clear white sand, it was paradise!

Whilst we were there, we mostly relaxed by the pool making our way through the cocktail and beer menu and then in the evening we went to one of the 9 restaurants in the hotel and then watched the evening entertainment. It wasn’t your usual hotel entertainment, it was like being at a west end show every night, it was fantastic! I am not usually a fan of the beach, but our hotel had a special section where you could hire a bed for the day and have your own waiter. Half way through our 10 days we booked the beach bed and spent the whole day in the shade reading and looking out to the beautiful beach. The waiter looked after us and kept up topped up with food and drink aswell as delivering a cold towel every hour, this was bliss!

One of the days, we went on one of the excursions booked by the hotel to Xcaret. This was a huge outdoor park that had something for everyone to do. You could swim with dolphins or sharks, swim around the lazy river, take a dip in one of the many luxurious pools, and have a bite to eat and much more. We planned our day and decided we wanted to swim with dolphins and swim around the river.

Swimming with dolphins is something I have always wanted to do, so I really found it quite over whelming. I am really picky about choosing which places I attend where you can interact with animals as I really don’t like the thought of any of the animals being un happy. These dolphins were really well looked after and had a huge area to swim in so I was happy. We got to spend an hour with them, it was so much fun! I didn’t want to get out. We then queued up for our life jackets and flippers and started the river trail. It took us about hour and half to get around the whole thing, some parts there were wild birds on the edge and sometimes you had to go through caves where there were bats which I found pretty scary. By the end of it I was pretty exhausted, but it was nice to be in the cool water out of the 35 degree heat. This is a must when visiting Mexico.

Another thing I would definitely recommend is going to Coco Bongo. It’s a famous show which I can only describe as crazy! It’s kind of like a club but with some seating where you can watch the show and then it turns into a club. We stayed there until the very end and left when the sun was coming up, safe to say the next day was spent in bed… woops!

I would recommend Mexico to anyone, the people are friendly and the sun and beaches are just to die for. I will be going back for sure.