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Top European Holiday Destinations

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Top European Holiday Destinations

Living in the UK we have so many fantastic European holiday destinations that we can fly to in less than four hours, that it can often be difficult to decide which one to visit next.

In addition to this, there are a whole range of amazing countries which border each other, so it is often possible to fit more than one place into a trip, making each holiday even more exciting.


France is a truly great place to visit on holiday as it really does offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for lovely beaches, quaint towns, or exciting cities, this is a country that has it all.

One of the main reasons that people love to visit France, is its impressive food and wine reputation. Even if you don’t fancy trying snails or frog’s legs, you are sure to find something that you really enjoy.

With a number of fantastic bordering countries, France is also a great place to start if you want to travel around Europe, as you can reach Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, depending on whereabouts you are staying.


A European holiday destination that has become popular in more recent years, Croatia offers stunning scenery and glorious beaches that holidaymakers just love.

Boasting good weather and great value, a holiday in Croatia will give you opportunities to sunbathe, explore, eat great food, drink amazing coffee, and walk through breath-taking national parks.

Plus, up and coming European holiday destination Montenegro can be easily reached from Croatia by car, so a trip here will give you the chance to visit this beautiful country too.


A popular place to visit due to its glorious weather, spectacular cities, and enviable beaches, Spain has everything that you need to have a successful holiday within Europe.

Whether you are looking for a beach break, or some city exploration, you are sure to find a trip to Spain that includes all that you require, including fabulous food and drink options!

Portugal and Morocco are both fantastic countries that can be reached from Spain if you fancy extending your trip, and can be included as part of your travel plans.

We hope that we have inspired you to book your next European holiday, and you can find brochures for all of these great places on our website.