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Rob's riverside weekend break in Norfolk

Thursday 02 March 2017

Rob's riverside weekend break in Norfolk

Not all great breaks and holidays away need to include a passport and foreign currency, and with the present day costs and rate of exchange that is not a bad thing!

My partner and I took a trip up to Norfolk and chose to stay in a hotel right in the centre of Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads. The hotel was perfectly located on the riverside and just a step away from the local shops, restaurants and cafes.

The weather was spectacular for September and perfectly timed as this was a birthday treat.

We had what singer Lou Reed put so well…A Perfect Day…as we hired one of the local day boats and headed out onto the broads for several hours of relaxed cruising down the waterways. Admiring the beautiful waterfront properties with a slightly jealous eye! Spotting the wildlife, and enjoying the peaceful lap of the water and the cool breeze. We took a picnic on the boat with us, and had just a sip of sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion.

But the great thing about being on the water is that it takes you past some fantastic pubs and riverside eateries if you are not picnicking.

The next day, we had a choice of the never ending sandy beaches on the coast or a little culture and history, so we chose the latter and headed by train into the Cathedral city of Norwich for a pleasant day of shopping and sightseeing. Norwich has so much to offer, including an abundance of places to dine out, you might be getting the flavour that we like to do that! Spoilt for choice we chose to indulge in a nice afternoon tea, before heading back on the train to our hotel for a cocktail sitting on the decking overlooking the river once more. The perfect end to a perfect weekend break.

Our lasting memories of that lovely weekend are the great weather, the waterways, and just feeling so relaxed, and of course we must not forget feeding the local swans!

We loved our weekend break so much we actually decided to move to the very same village!