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Nicole's West-coast adventure

Monday 30 January 2017

Nicole's West-coast adventure

If you want to travel the west-coast of America, I strongly recommend flying to LA and flying home from Las Vegas! I was lucky enough to go to travelling around some of the west-coast, flying to LA as the starting point of our journey. We hired a car for just over 2 weeks and took this opportunity to see all the landmarks up until Las Vegas.

LA is full of beautiful beaches, houses and attractions, which cater for all ages! I went with my parents, younger brother and nan, so we decided to stay in a hotel near Santa Monica for the first 5 nights. We travelled around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, took some pictures with our hands in Marilyn Monroe’s famous hand prints outside the Chinese Theatre, we went to universal studios, worked out in Muscle Beach, and watched the sunset at the Griffith’s Observatory, overlooking the Hollywood sign with some classic cocktails! We were luckily in LA at the same time the 2014 VMA awards was taking place which was a great celebrity selfie opportunity!

We then travelled to San Francisco where we took part in an Alcatraz prison tour, walked up to the Golden Gate bridge and took full advantage of the retro and glamorous shops! After another 5 nights in the gorgeous San Francisco, we travelled towards Yosemite National Park for a few nights with a quick stop in the famous fishing town for a further 2 nights then it was off to Las Vegas via Death Valley!

Las Vegas is another world! It was full of gigantic hotels, pool parties, celebrities and casinos. We decided to stay at Caesars Palace, (after cancelling our booking at the Venetian with serious regret when we arrived). It was impossible to fit in all of the attractions the 4 nights we were there, so it gives me the best excuse to travel back to Las Vegas very soon!