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Laura's holiday in paradise

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Laura's holiday in paradise

Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, an island that really gives you its all when you’re there. The people are super friendly and always laughing. The food is always fresh, vibrant and so very tasty. It’s like dieting without realising it. Compare my holiday in Punta Cana with my holiday in Florida and it’s something in the region of 6lbs…

The activities around the island are numerous and amazing. We did everything from zip lining high above a rainforest (screaming high above a rainforest), taking a swim in the gorgeous natural watering hole right in the most vivid blue you can imagine (Hoyo Azul) to exploring the isolated community on Isla Saona (the gorgeous untouched beaches, the photo attached is not a Microsoft screensave folks…) Swimming with starfish and one adorable puffer fish and getting kidnapped by singing, dancing pirates, taken to a cabin in the middle of shark infested waters and fed a lobster dinner (just because they’re pirates, doesn’t mean they can’t be hospitable).

The value for money is always apparent. Everything outside of the hotels and tourist shops costs very little and you can really stretch your buck. Rum is everywhere, this is a good thing.

It can be windy, but this is relief when the sun is high. It also tricks you into thinking you’re not slowly cooking. Which you are, so invest well in a Caribbean specific sun block.