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3 Reasons to Consider Getting Married Abroad

Tuesday 27 February 2018

3 Reasons to Consider Getting Married Abroad

When planning one of the biggest days of your life it may be that you and your partner want to tie this in with a holiday if you love to spend time travelling.

There are lots of reasons to consider getting married abroad, so why wait until your honeymoon to head off to a romantic city or country together?


A dream destination

Getting married abroad means that you can choose somewhere which almost guarantees blue skies, sunshine, sandy beaches and a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos if you are looking for an exotic theme.

Alternatively, different countries offer a variety of experiences which can be incorporated into your wedding day if you want a something unique, perhaps snorkelling or a boat trip.


Your perfect guest list

Many couples who have decided to get married abroad have done so because their guest list will only include their close friends and family which makes it an intimate and personal ceremony.

In addition to this, a wedding abroad will be cheaper due to having fewer guests to pay for, so it could actually be a great choice for those on a budget depending on the destination they have in mind.


Easier to plan

Most places abroad which offer wedding packages ensure that everything is included which means that there is a lot less stress involved for the bride and groom than there would be if they were getting married in the UK.

Weddings outside of the UK can also be turned around quickly for those who don’t want to wait too long to say ‘I do’ as the package providers will take care of all of the little details, leaving more time to get excited rather than worrying about every aspect of your big day.


If these reasons to consider getting married abroad have got you thinking, why not order a selection of free brochures for romantic places you have always wanted to visit to inspire your further and bring you closer to the wedding of your dreams.