Image for 2018 Bucket List – Our top 8 destinations

2018 Bucket List – Our top 8 destinations

Tuesday 02 January 2018

2018 Bucket List – Our top 8 destinations

The start of a New Year often brings lots of travel hopes and dreams for the next 12 months, so here are our top 8 destinations which should make it onto your 2018 bucket list.


  1. Cuba – Combining beautiful country side with lively music and dancing, classic cars and amazing food, Cuba is the perfect destination for those with a great passion for fun seeking a completely new experience.
  2. Malta – 2018 is a great time to visit Malta as its capital city, Valletta, has been named the European City of Culture for this year so there will be lots of fun events taking place which visitors can enjoy.
  3. Iceland – A destination which has been tricky for people to reach due to limited low cost flights in the past, Iceland is now becoming more accessible for budget travellers and offers the opportunity to see the stunning Northern Lights.
  4. Tunisia – If you want to feel like you might be one of the only people in the world then a trip to Tunisia could be perfect for you as it isn’t very touristy and those who visit say that this country’s great hospitality means you quite easily join the relaxed flow of local life.
  5. Switzerland – Boasting a beautiful combination of alpine regions, waterfalls, and lush green landscapes, Switzerland is a must-visit for you in 2018 if you love outdoor adventures and discovering stunning views.
  6. Tokyo – A trip to Tokyo is sure to offer an experience unlike any other, especially in the lead up to the 2020 Olympic Games which is already causing a buzz in this clean city which is renowned for polite locals and amazing culture.
  7. Slovenia – Another up and coming European destination, Slovenia is best known for the gorgeous Lake Bled which not only looks picturesque but also offers the opportunity to take part in a range of water-based activities.
  8. Estonia – Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is another city which is becoming more popular due to its quaint cobbled streets, independent cafes and shops and some wonderful architecture including a 15th century defensive tower, a Gothic town hall and a stunning church.


With these destinations to choose from there is no reason why 2018 can’t be your year of travel, so order some inspiring brochures from our collection and start planning!


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