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Three reasons to visit China

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Three reasons to visit China

With a typical flight time of 10 hours from London to Beijing, China is easy to reach and offers a wonderful range of things to see and do, no matter what you enjoy while you are on holiday.

Here are three reasons to visit China, and why it should be added to your holiday wishlist.

Delicious cuisine

Although you may think that you have a good grasp on Chinese food from visiting your local takeaway, you haven’t experienced it properly until you visit the country itself and discover all of the delicious food that they have available.

Although China may be best known for its tea and rice, the type of cuisine that you find will actually differ by region, as each one has its own speciality.

For example, in the north of China you’ll find that most meals are served with noodles, whereas rice is the staple ingredient in the south.

There will also be a difference in how spicy the food is and whether seafood is used, depending on where you are exploring. Lots of interesting foods can be found being sold by street vendors, so do give these a try for a bit of variety.

Fantastic markets

If you love shopping for beautiful and unusual products, China will not disappoint.

The markets that you will find in this creative country are full of wonderful handmade items such as stunning tea sets, wonderful silks, and hand carved jade, which are highly sought after, and less expensive pieces including calligraphy and bamboo baskets.

Even if you are not looking to pick up any souvenirs, the markets are a fun and diverse place to explore.

Amazing landscapes

No matter what type of landscape you love to gaze at the most, China will be able to offer it to you due to its incredible size and varied scenery.

You’ll be able to discover deserts in the Northwest and coastal views in the Southeast, plus mountains, lakes, gardens, and rivers, all of which look absolutely stunning and will provide great backdrops to your holiday snaps.

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