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The Best Romantic Holiday Destinations

Friday 09 June 2017

The Best Romantic Holiday Destinations

Whether you are looking for a wedding location, somewhere to visit on your honeymoon, or simply to spend some time away with your significant other, there are plenty of great romantic holiday destinations which are guaranteed to make you feel wonderfully loved up.

Here we look at some of the best romantic holiday destinations, and why they are the perfect choice for couples.


Boasting lovely weather all year round, Greece offers a whole range of romantic options due to how quick and easy it is to island hop.

By travelling between the Greek islands, you will see amazing coastlines, beautiful ancient buildings, and mountain views, all of which are gorgeous scenes for couples to enjoy together.

Greece is also known for its delicious food, so you are guaranteed to enjoy some fantastic romantic meals too.


Famous for its natural beauty, Italy is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for instant romance, as everything it offers is simply stunning to look at.

Whether you prefer bustling cities with beautiful architecture, gorgeous beaches, or exploring winding streets, Italy will have exactly what you are looking for.

There are also plenty of romantic activities you can get involved with, including wine tasting in one of the vineyards, a gondola ride in Venice, or a wander around the dazzling lakes.


For one of the best romantic holiday destinations further afield, Mexico is an excellent choice due to its range of amazing all-inclusive hotels, where you will be treated like royalty, and can completely switch off and relax.

With a choice of swimming pools, spas, and restaurants, all-inclusive hotels in Mexico have all you need to spend quality time together, and also offer trips if you want to see more of the country.

With fabulous beaches and tropical vegetation, you are sure to feel like you are in a romantic paradise when you choose Mexico as your holiday destination.

Whichever romantic holiday destination you choose, we hope you have a wonderful time, and invite you to browse our brochure collection for some extra inspiration.