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Rome, The Eternal City

Monday 03 April 2017

Rome, The Eternal City

Having once lived and worked in Rome I find myself drawn back there year after year. I first went back for my honeymoon and found my wife falling in love with the city as well, though it was only after returning as a visitor that I really started to explore the city. Like most people who live in big cities I fell into the trap of driving past all the sights without a second glance, work,  home, the same bar and supermarket etc, though I did use the fresh food markets. Going back however I resolved to immerse myself and my new bride in the rich history and culture of the city.

Rome is a place with many ruins that you can visit, such as the Foro Romano (forum) and often find yourself dreaming of what it would have been like in the heyday of the Roman Empire. Other sites make you wonder in awe of how they could build such things without the aid of modern machinery, the Colosseum. But Rome is also so much more than a museum of old and crumbling bricks, at night it comes alive with a wonderful mix of music and food. A must see place is the Piazza di Spagna or the Spanish Steps, though it is best to wander away down one of the side streets to find the many hidden gems of restaurants where on a balmy summers evening you can dine “Al Fresco” and take your time over your meal, it’s the Italian way!

Whenever we think about a holiday now, Rome is always at the top of the list and the beauty is that there are many places just a short ride away from Rome that are worth a visit. I have often made use of the many travel companies who offer excursions out to places like Assisi or to the vineyards of Frascati and who can resist some of the best wines in the world served in a jug straight from a barrel, far better than a bottle from the supermarket!