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Why you should consider Christmas abroad...

Monday 27 November 2017

Why you should consider Christmas abroad...

Unless you are the kind of person who already has their Christmas tree up, has completed their present shopping, and will be living in their festive jumper until the big day, you might have thought about escaping the season altogether.

We love a holiday at any time of year, so we have collated some reasons why you should consider Christmas abroad if you are looking to do something a little different when Santa Claus comes to town in December.

A trip to a sunny destination in the middle of winter will make it difficult to feel festive, but is sure to lift your spirits if you don’t mind missing out on dark nights and chilly temperatures. It will also mean that you have a great tan throughout dull January which is sure to give you a wonderful glow that you’ll be thankful for.

The Canaries, Egypt and Goa are all popular Christmas holiday destinations as they offer warm and sunny weather but can be reached in less than 7 hours from London, so you can spend less time travelling and more time on your sun lounger.

If you want to consider Christmas abroad but still would still like to feel in a festive mood, a skiing holiday could be perfect for you as you will literally spend your time away walking in a winter wonderland!

The Alps, USA and Canada all offer great skiing options over Christmas, so you are sure to find a holiday that suits your requirements if this is what you’d like to try.

Spending Christmas in a European city is a fantastic experience as it gives you the chance to see different traditions, and there are so many places to choose from which embrace Christmas spirit in a really great way.

No matter which type of Christmas holiday you choose, you can be sure that you will be able to relax and enjoy the big day without any of the rushing around that tends to come with spending this period at home, so you can focus on the destination and the people you take with you instead.

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