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Top tips for packing light

Tuesday 07 November 2017

Top tips for packing light

No matter where you are heading off to on your next holiday it is always more convenient to have lighter luggage to carry, and even more so if you are trying to comply with often strict weight allowances.

So how can you make sure that you are taking all that you need without packing too much? Our top tips for packing light can hopefully help you to get the right balance before your next trip.


Downsize your luggage

When packing we all tend to fill whichever luggage we have chosen to take, so by using a smaller bag you'll be stricter with yourself about what to take and won't be as likely to fill up space with unnecessary items.


Pack versatile clothing

If you pack pieces which you can layer you won't need to worry about including clothes for all types of weather as you'll be prepared for anything! Also, pick a colour palette to stick to when choosing clothes so that everything matches, then there's no need to use up space packing lots of different outfits.


Technology tips

Rather than packing books and a camera and an iPod and a tablet you might find that just taking your phone will be enough as you can use it for downloading reading material, taking photos and listening to music. If you do want to take more than one type of tech, try to get USB cables which will all fit into a single plug as this will take up less room than packing numerous plugs.


Take minimal toiletries

Rather than filling your case with toiletries which can end up making your luggage feel very heavy, just take what you can't live without and then buy the things that you are missing when you get to your destination. You might even find that your hotel has all that you need, especially if you are staying somewhere a bit fancy.


We hope that these top tips for packing light will help you out the next time you are faced with this task, and why not order some holiday brochures to browse through if you don't currently have a break booked?

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