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Tips for overcoming your fear of flying

Friday 13 October 2017

Tips for overcoming your fear of flying

Although there are great holidays that you can go on without getting on an aeroplane, a fear of flying might hold you back from going to some of the places that you have always wanted to visit.

In order to help you to take a step closer to your ideal trip, we have put together some tips for overcoming your fear of flying which we hope will make you feel at ease about taking to the skies.

Understand your triggers - Even though everything about flying might terrify you, it is likely that there is something specific which triggers your phobia. Once you know what this is, you can work to focus on this particular aspect rather than taking on the whole experience at once.

Get clued up – The more that you know about aeroplanes and flying the more confident you will be when you step onto your flight. You can also ask the cabin crew on your flight any questions that you need the answers to which will help to calm your nerves. Sometimes you could have the opportunity to speak to one of the pilots before take-off too.

Swap fear for excitement – Your body goes through similar reactions when you are scared as when you are excited, so if you tell yourself you are excited rather than letting fear take hold, you are capable of tricking yourself out of having these negative emotions.

Visit a therapist – If your fear of flying is far too overwhelming to deal with by yourself, you might benefit from some cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you to change how you feel about flying and manage your responses better.

Book a flight – Sometimes the best way to overcome your fear is to expose yourself to what you are scared of. So why not book your flight and start to get excited about your well-deserved holiday?

By following these tips we hope that you can overcome your fear of flying, and by ordering some free brochures to your front door you are sure to feel motivated to do so!

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