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New Year’s travel resolution ideas

Thursday 28 December 2017

New Year’s travel resolution ideas

The start of a new year is when people like to think about what they would like to change in their lives, or consider things that they would like to do over the next 12 months.

If you love to travel you might like to consider some of these New Year’s travel resolution ideas to give you something to aim for and look forward to.


Learn a new skill

Wherever you decide to travel to you are sure to be able to find the opportunity to learn something new while you are there. This may be visiting places where you can discover more about the culture of the country you are in, learning how to cook a native dish, practising a local craft, or attempting to learn a new language.


Face your fears

No matter what you are scared of it is likely that you will have the option to face your fear while you are travelling this year. Whether this means holding a snake or spider, bungee jumping or skydiving, swimming with sharks, or simply getting on a long haul flight on your own, you are guaranteed to feel great once you have achieved it.

Get great deals

If you always leave booking your breaks until the last minute you may find that you tend to pay more than you would if you organised things a bit further in advance. Although spontaneous travel is great fun, if there is a destination that you definitely want to visit this year you should start looking out for deals and researching where to stay with plenty of time to spare.


Enjoy the journey

Making your way to your holiday destination is never the best part of the trip, but there are ways to create a more enjoyable journey so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. For example, ensure that you are well prepared and have a selection of books and films to entertain you, pack some of you favourite snacks in case the plane food leaves a lot to be desired, and wear comfy clothes so you can relax and unwind while you fly.


We hope that you have a very happy 2018 and please do browse our range of brochures which will help you to create your New Year’s travel resolutions.


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