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How to prepare for your ski holiday

Thursday 19 October 2017

How to prepare for your ski holiday

If you have booked a ski holiday and are excited about hitting the slopes you may be wondering how exactly to prepare for what is quite a physical break.

Whether you have been on a skiing holiday before or if this is your first time taking part in this particular activity, there are things that you can do before you go which will help you in the long run.

Here we share some tips on how to prepare for your ski holiday so you feel ready for anything when it’s time for your trip...


Improve your fitness

Spending time on the slopes is a very physical experience, so making sure that your body is ready for this is a must before you head off onto your ski holiday.

Skiing uses quite a lot of the muscle groups that are not used in other cardiovascular exercises which means that injuries can be common if you have not trained properly beforehand. Building the strength in your thighs is advised as these are used the most. Squats, lunges and cycling can help with this.

Attention should be paid to your knees and pelvis as well as the way that you distribute your weight when you stand to ensure that you have the correct posture for skiing.


Sort out your suitcase

You may think that you need branded skiwear for your skiing holiday, but it may be that you already have what you need in your wardrobe.

A roll neck top, jumper, or fleece and some warm trousers (not denim) are all you need to put on underneath a winter jacket and waterproof trousers to make sure that you are warm enough. Plus some winter gloves too!


Research the rules

It is important that you don’t turn up to the slopes completely unaware of the rules that are in place. This is because without understanding what is expected of you it could be that you find yourself in unsafe situations when you get started.

Have a look at the trails where you will be skiing, familiarise yourself with warning signs, and learn who has right of way for when you meet other skiers en route.

By following these tips you can prepare for your ski holiday, and we have a great range of brochures which you can order for inspiration too!

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